Hello! I'm Lance Arevalo
and I'm from Santa Barbara, CA ⛅️

Currently I'm a User Experience Designer at AppFolio.

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And here are things that I do.

UX Research

UX Design

Story Telling



2D Design

3D Design

As a UX Designer with a background in architecture, my strength lies in picking apart complex problems and putting them back together to form powerful solutions. Drawing on my experience with working cross-functionally with both creative and business driven teams, I can empathize not only to the team I work with, but also the users I do the work for. My best work focuses on putting energy towards creating efficient processes that aren't afraid to think outside of the box.

My background is in both architecture design & research so really, there’s two brains going on ——

Research brain:
Think in systems



Part of me thinks systematically


because I believe every detail is consequential


in any type of process



At the same time


the designer in me is never afraid to think...

outside of the box

Design brain:
Be fearless

Both ways thrive in team settings so in return, I flourish in collaboration.

"Lance is a supportive, empathetic team member who always has his eye on the big picture. During our project, he kept everyone on the team in high spirits and on the same page. Thanks to his guidance, we met every deadline with ease and had fun doing it. I would love to work with Lance again!"

-Kelly Kuykendall, Freedge Project

"Lance is my favorite: completely creative, collaborative, curious and caring. He only gives you his best and and demonstrates his work process which and was always a step ahead thinking only to share the workflow together."

-Glyde Barbey, Rebis Project

Lastly, you can see me fiddling around with some 3D modeling on the side. Here are some stuff I’ve made.

If my brain was a colored map

2 Frames & 3 Sweet Potatoes Rendered

Stadium Complex (My thesis project)
3D printed redesigned chess piece
The Sydney Opera House but cooler
If my brain was a black & white map

Let's connect, chat, whatever!

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If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see my amazing kids in the background.



Shauna Malwae Tweep

Named after the reporter in Parks and Rec

Oliver Jeffers

Named after the children’s book author